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Why atheism is NOT a belief.

Atheism is NOT a belief. Yes, you can say “I believe gods dont exist”, but that is a negative of a belief. Atheism IS a stance on a belief, but it itself is not a belief.

If I told you I’m an atheist you can not name ONE thing I believe in based off of that title. The ONLY thing Atheism explains is literally one idea I don’t believe in.

Think I’m wrong?
Name one belief I must have because of atheism. Name one.

“There’s no such things real atheists.”

Gee guys, our secrets out. Its not that we don’t feel a supreme being is logical. Its not that we feel there is not enough information to back the concept (let alone prove the existance) of a god. Its not even that we feel our world is too complicated to have been created by one being. Its that we ourselves are imaginary. I tried to keep it a secret guys, I really did. They just figured me out. Were not real. Atheists dont exist. Were all just imaginary people with fictitious thoughts.

Okay, but for real, there is no “deep down inside you believe in god” and if you try to say that to me, Ill need you to tell me what god you claim to know I believe in(really, tell me, because im appearntly unaware of my own beliefs). The thing is, I don’t.

I’m not denying your god(or anyone elses for that matter) because Im angry at him/her/it/thing. Nothing bad happened to me.
I’m not denying your god(or anyone elses) to avoid feeling guilty- I feel guilt a lot, so if that was my goal its clearly not working. I feel guilty when I hurt someone(even slightly) or when I behave in a way that I don’t see as good enough for the person I want to be.
I’m not gonna go running to your god(whatever god that may be) anytime I feel lost, low, or in need.
Why? because I don’t believe in a god. Not yours, not your neighbors, not your uncles, not that stranger at the grocery stores- no ones god. I don’t believe in any god-supremebeing-creator-lord-allah-etc. I’m not gonna run into thier arms when I’m scared, and I’m not denying them, I just dont believe in them.

But its okay, you can go on thinking you know my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs better than me. Mean while I’m going to continue my secular, open-atheist life and wish you well.

Good-life to you all.

Why I support religion and theism.

There are many reasons why I, as an Atheist, support religion and theism.

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If I had one wish…

If I had one wish to change something in the world of atheism it would be to change atheists and theists confusion to the fact that atheism and anti-theism is not the same thing.

Those who justify their anti-theism as atheism make other atheists want to hide. It gives the title atheism negative beliefs that it simply doesn’t hold on its own.

Theists often claim that all atheists do is attack, insult, and try to remove theism; I’m telling you that’s not “Atheists” its “Anti-Theists”. There are many atheists who support, or simply don’t pay attention to religion. To assume we all hold that anti-theism belief is wrong.

Anti-theism is separate from atheism. The sooner people began to understand that, and call others out on their misinformation, the sooner peaceful/open atheism can grow. It’s a shame the negative voices are always the loudest.

Want “God” Back In our children’s schools?

I’ve seen you, I’ve heard you, and I’ve listened; now I’m going to respond.

First off no god has been removed from public schools. No god has been pounded out, expelled, taken away, or denied in public schools- not a single one.

Children can pray in school. Children can have a bible in school. Children can wear tee-shirts, necklaces, bracelets and just about anything they want that expresses, shows, or states their religious beliefs. As long as they don’t cause disruption to the learning process- create danger- or insult other beliefs or students; they are allowed to do all of these. They can have after school clubs and even do things such as “praying at the flag”.

Not only that but religion IS taught in school. In social studies, geography, sociology, psychology, and of course theology/religious studies(this all depends on what the curriculum in your state/district is and what classes they offer). Of course they don’t just touch on one religion they touch on a few. They also don’t go super in depth(depending on the class) but do teach the core values and rituals.

What schools CAN’T do is teach a specific religion/belief system as a singular truth. They CAN’T lead children in prayer. They also CAN’T express favoritism for a specific religion. – Is this really wrong?

I’m just confused on what you want when you say schools need to let “God” in, or teach religion, or have “faith” again. What exactly are you asking for?

Do you feel that schools need to teach students more in-depth about religions? If that’s the case I completely support that. As long as your ready to help your child with their homework on (Including, but not limited to) Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Satanism, Humanism, and Paganism then this is a GREAT idea. I love this actually. Introduce children to more belief systems, teach them about these systems. Tell them whats good and bad about them. Teach our kids what these religions believe and how they behave. I would support teaching about Atheism and Agnosticism and the types of beliefs that can go along with those as well in this case. Give our kids MORE information; this will help our kids make clearer choices on what they want to believe as adults. — However, you might want to rephrase your question. At the least stop capitalizing god in the question(the cap typically means you’re referring to a specific god, which is why every time i do that i put it in quotes. I’m not talking about one).

Or are you saying you just want them to be taught about your god as a singular truth? In that case I really want you to think about that for a second. I know YOU believe there is only one god(yours), but others are as confident in their differing beliefs as you are. Honestly how would you feel if your child was taught Paganism as a singular truth in school? Or Satanism? Or Islam? Or Christianity? Or even Atheism?(please disregard whichever belief you hold if one of the previous is yours) Well however you feel at that thought is what you’d be doing to parents and children of differing beliefs. — I mean really if this is what you want send your kid to a private school. Don’t impose on others. Freedom of belief and thought is extremely important, don’t take that away(especially if you’d be upset if someone told you you couldn’t believe in YOUR god).

Honestly teaching your religion in your home and church should be enough room to pass your beliefs and values down. I don’t see where the need comes in at school.

I’m just really confused by what you want when you say bring religion back to schools(or let “God” in). I just don’t understand what you’re asking.

People who don’t understand the beauty of freedom of religion hurt my soul.

Good-life to you all.


“The disbeliever only disbelieves in the god he has created.”

I do NOT believe in God.
I do not believe in the Christian god.
I do not believe in the Islamic god.
I do not believe in the Hindu god.
I do not believe in my mothers god.
I do not believe in my cousins god.
I do not believe in my neighbors god.
And I certainly do not believe in your god.
Ask me what god I hold my disbelief for and i can guarantee you it is not a god i have created.
It is the existence of any god that I do not believe.

~quote from Blogging Theology- Paul Williams~

I do NOT believe in God. I do not believe in the Christian god. I do not believe in the Islamic god. I do not believe in the Hindu god. I do not believe in my mothers god. I do not believe in my cousins god. I do not believe in my neighbors god. And … Continue reading "“The disbeliever only disbelieves in the god he has created.”"

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You do NOT need to explain yourself.

I started Open Atheism with the intention of spreading positive atheist posts and to encourage others to be open about their atheism. I think I got a bit side tracked fighting the battle of what others think atheism is. I apologize, to you, to myself.

To be an open Atheist you do not, under ANY circumstance, need to explain yourself. You don’t. The point of being an open atheist is

  1. Not hide who you are, or the beliefs you do hold.
  2. Familiarize the world with atheism.
  3. Find others with similar beliefs.
  4. Have the freedom to explore other beliefs.
  5. Show pride.

Now as great as it would be to educate every person who has the wrong idea of what atheism is or isn’t, that’s not your job. Frankly some people aren’t open to learning anyways, so at some points it’s just a tiring endless battle. It isn’t up to you to do.

I promise you can be an open atheist without having to explain why and what you believe at every mention of atheism or religion. I am a firm believer that at the chance of education and shared perspective you should want to talk, however you don’t have to. You can say I’m an atheist and nothing more. You have that RIGHT.

To those who will bash and blindly believe what they want about atheism you can simply say “You can think what you want about me and my beliefs, but I know who I am. ” and move on. It in no ways makes you any less of an open atheist.

Please do not allow others to ruin your right to be an open atheist. Please do not feel the need to explain every aspect of yourself by being an open atheist.

Express yourself as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Good-life to you all.